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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

We live in a world that is full of magic and opportunities. Hope is instilled and deeply rooted in our very being. Allow yourself to be driven by your dreams and remember anything is possible that is both aligned with the greater good and meets your desire to make it so.

You are magic is not made up. It is as real as real can possibly be. When you believe in something with all of your being, then it is so. If you allow a glimmer of doubt to enter then that may interfere with the creation thereof. Remember like attracts like.

We may ask ourselves sometimes why some things happen the way they do. We may want our dreams to come to fruition in a hurry. Our future may sometimes be unclear and we don't know what lies ahead. This is where hope, setting an intention, being clear about what we want, and trusting that time is on our side. But it's also very important to trust the process that it takes to get there. It's possible that just coming to this place of possibility, being patient, and trusting the process may open up opportunities that were not previously foreseen. Every step of the way is divinely created to show us that with even a glimmer of faith all things are possible.

What to do when you stump your toe, hammer your thumb, or anything of the sort. You take a deep breath and redirect your attention. This could begin with gratitude for something you have or simply acknowledging that this experience woke you up in some way so that you could redirect yourself on a better path. I love understanding how the Universe works and also knowing that I have the ability to create something truly beautiful.

We live in a World that is full of magic. With only a spark of hope or inspiration, something new comes to life. With patience and a clear intention dreams can become reality. I love understanding how the Universe works. I love being in a place of gratitude.

If you are to take just one thing from this, let it be that YOU ARE MAGIC! Magic exists within us All. Be open to the possibilities and just maybe your wildest dreams will come true.

The Magic of Wisteria

Written by Nicole Angeli Corso

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