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Aimee Natya Ruscio

Teacher & Facilitator

Aimee envokes a remembrance of a forgotten dance that lies deep within our hearts. She helps others reconnect to their true essence through Conscious Dance, Women's Circles, and Restorative Movement.


Nicole Angeli Corso

Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher 200 (250 Hot 50 Yin) Goddess Dance Instructor 

Nicole Angeli shares a gentle restorative practice She offers Lunar, Yin, & Restorative Yoga, and leads Goddess Dance 


Alana Cahoon

Certified Natural Health Professional, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher

Breath, meditation & mindfulness are applied in all of Alana’s modalities, allowing the individual to access their own natural healing abilities

    Meet Other Facilitators 



Dinah has a lifetime of experience as a tarot reader, medium, healer, and astrologer. She inspires seekers of all faiths and traditions to find joy, hope, and magic in the world around them. She will also lovingly and happily suggest spiritual tools for meditation, aura cleansing and creating a sacred space. Her goal is to encourage her clients to discover their own potential and live life to the fullest. 



I identify with being an Everythingist, perhaps as a symptom of my overwhelming desire to know everything, but be responsible for nothing. I am a master of none and an explorer a-plenty. As Sophie Heawood said in an article for the Guardian, “Everythingism is the deadly combination of perfectionism plus narcissism plus utter laziness…”. I explore this deadly combination and its effects on my life as a homeschooling mother of two; a vocation that flies in the face of irresponsibility. I am also a Seeker, learning to remember to remember. I explore many philosophies and teachings, which perhaps makes me an Every-deist as well.



Whimsical Mixed Media Artist, Spiritual Cheerleader, and Soul Dancer

Lulu enjoys creating and sharing the fun and magic of whimsical art and paper crafts. She also enjoys leading meditation and fun dance parties for the soul. One of Lulu's life missions and passions has always been to help others. As a survivor and chronic pain warrior she is passionate about helping others shine, laugh, and heal through the beauty of the healing arts.


Mary Wojciechowski

I am an intuitive, a designer, a writer, a songstress, and a creative soul. Whether I am designing websites, giving intuitive angel readings, singing jazz, or writing poetry, each of my gifts is guided by the limitless, creative energy that flows from the Divine. I use my gifts on many different levels, but my purpose remains always the same... to uplift, inspire, and serve. 

SERVICES: For in-person readings, book a tarot reading or reiki healing at For online readings, book a reading at For more information about me, visit my website:


(215) 292-2670

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