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Being Present

It seems most of us are caught up in our daily grind. Adulting is full of challenges and responsibilities. We are all busy with work, family, and life. It seems our thoughts are everywhere, our thoughts are in the future, thinking about everything we have to do and all we hope to achieve.

Our thoughts are in the past, a constant worry about all that's taken place and what we could have done differently. A lot of times when we're in the past or the future in our mind in our thoughts this creates feelings of sadness and anxiousness. Although I'll never be able to remove thoughts of the past and the future, this new year I want to challenge myself and find more moments than not, just being present.

Dance and yoga have helped me escape thoughts of the past and future. When I practice I'm inviting spirit in I'm feeling connected to something bigger than myself. What I want to say is that most of us are not present in our bodies but instead caught up in our thoughts of the past and future. I've learned through my spiritual practice to breathe through the moments that are not serving my highest good.

When I practice yoga I can just focus on my breath. I invite the essence of my spirit into my body and in this, I find the present moment. When I dance I allow my body to move in ways that are an expression of my deeper self. I allow myself to release bottled-up emotions, tension, stress, and desires. When I dance, I find myself in the present moment. I invite you all to find your present moments this year.

With immense love

Nicole Angeli

Wisteria's Healing Arts

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