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LuLu’s Meditations

#No Filter

Today I can look in the mirror and see my natural beauty

Today I love and embrace my flaws,they give me character and I am unique.

Today I don't need a filter, I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of

Today I see myself and I'm grateful for self reflection. I see the beauty that others see in me

Today I am unfiltered,natural and love my beauty, flaws and all

Today I know that my imperfections do not make me ugly or less desirable. They make me human

Today I love myself and surround myself with others who see my true beauty

Today I remember that real beauty runs deep and comes from within, less so on the surface. My inner light, 💜 heart, and soul is what makes me attractive.

Today and always, I am beautiful flaws and all!

Today and always ,You are beautiful flaws and all!

Written by

Laurinda "LuLu"McMillan

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