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The Devotion Of Now

My desire is to find peace within myself this New Year. Reflecting back on the time that I've had and what I did with that time has been a repetitive cycle of suffering. When i'm caught up in what I wanted to do, what I didn't, and what I want to do there's a whirlwind of chaotic energy. When I choose to let go and find gratitude in the present moment, I feel a sense of peace come over me.

Where am I in my practice? What is the value of my Being? The value of my Being is the quality of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is in the practice of honoring this time and this sacred space in which it dwells. The value is only as much as I choose to believe it is. Being deeply spiritual is the dominant force in my life outside of everything else. This is what keeps my heart beating. My practice has value when I see it just as it is, practice.

How do I feel now? I feel this is the way of obtaining peace. Peace exist when I choose gratitude. Gratitude then grows, expands, blossoms, and flourishes. Never loosing site of the present moment. I then feel this breath moving through me. I feel this heart beating. I feel this cosmic energy flowing through my veins.

When I look around I see a world that encompasses so many layers beyond my own understanding. I step back for a moment focusing my attention on my breath. I begin to breathe in deeply filling my lungs with oxygen. I feel this oxygen moving through my veins nurturing all that it connects with inside and outside of this body. I'm feeling how truly beautiful this breath is. This breath that we all share is vital for this existence. Peace within this Being is the result of practicing being.

The Magic of Wisteria

Wisteria's Healing Arts LLC

Written by Nicole Angeli Corso

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