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Full Moon Dance

Updated: Feb 2, 2022


Recurring Once Monthly

By Nicole Angeli Corso


Let's gather together once every month to honor the full moon

ZOOM 8:45 p.m.

The full moon provides us with an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us. Let's gather in dance to shine the full moon's light on our shadow selves and on our desires.

The energy of the full moon is immaculately powerful. When we come together in dance we harness its power and this celebration is nothing short of magical! This moon dance empowers us to move the old through & out and welcome in the new. This magical beginning is our true start to each new moon cycle.

Dance is an artistic expression. When we dance, we become Shakti. We tap into our inner goddess and our inner warrior. We envelop ourselves with unconditional love. This self care is what our inner self needs the most.

Goddesses your invited to dance with us under the light of the full moon. Dress to impress. Enhance your dance with something that brings out your inner goddess. Silks, wings, masquerade masks, belly dancing hip scarves, feathers, crowns, cat ears, face paint, or body paints. You can always get creative and create a diy mask! Tap into the alchemist within.

Enhance your space with fairy lights, candles, incense, fabrics, gemstones, crystal balls, or anything that enhances the mood. It would be that much more magical if you could open up the blinds to allow the full moon's light in.

The music of the night is inspired to express our innermost goddess. A beautiful emersion of fun, exotic, and sexy. Dressing up creates an air of mystery, so let's get creative. Afterparty we'll play around with time share and special requests. Coming towards the end of our Full Moon Dance we will then unmask ourselves to unveil the newly created manifestations with much power, grace, and authenticity.

We look forward to seeing you! May the Magic of Wisteria be with you. Love, Light, & Magic!

Hosted by <3 Aimee & Nicole <3

The Magic of Wisteria

Wisteria's Healing Arts LLC

Written by

Nicole Angeli Corso

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