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Write Your Story

I want you to be able to write your own story. We have this chance to create something that in some ways is magical but at the same time very realistic. When you think of magic and fairy tales do you only think of pretending and make-believe? How can we expand magic in a way that is viewed as a science. Well, as you may already know this is happening right now. Scientists and students of the Universe are seeing in action, in real-time how truly powerful we are. We are capable of so much. How do we see past the illusions to a broader more expansive way of being.

As I sit here this morning, I ask myself what it is that I really want. As I sit quietly turning within I see a quiet, gentle soul enjoying a walk, a cup of coffee with my partner, and a moment where holding hands feels like so much more. Now this may seem attainable and something I have access to on an everyday basis but in actuality, it's much more. You see the walk amongst other things can be enhanced for example, as I’m enjoying a stroll it's now chalked full of trying to let go of stress, not worry about bills, a tiff with a friend, a child’s developmental progress, a teenagers priorities, or even just time itself. I think this is a good start. We find a simple attainable goal in which we are trying to manifest, we then work through whatever comes up that may be influencing our progress.

As we create space for growth we start to get out of our own way… You see really all the mind chatter, doubts, and fear create glitches in our energetic frequency. We tend to repeat the past or stay closer to what feels familiar to us. So if we have been taught or somehow obtained a certain view on a situation then most likely that will be a part of our energy. What happens when we experience change or venture out of our comfort zone? We may experience energetic turbulence. So what happens when we experience this fight or flight response within ourselves? We’re simply repeating a vibrational pattern. In order to move beyond energetic patterns, there must be a shift.

To manifest the things we want in life we have to be able to observe our own lives and also understand that the choices that we’ve made have brought us to this point in this reality.

Let’s keep in mind that some things may not be that easily transcribed. Our thoughts and vibrational energy is brought on by both our conscious mind and subconscious. That being noted, sometimes it takes some work to understand what’s really happening inside ourselves. There has to be some accountability for our experience here on this planet.

Our thoughts and feelings are energy. Have you ever noticed when we have certain things or people in our lives for long periods of time we start to lose the gratitude and deep appreciation we once had for them. We’ve had our thoughts and feelings with us since we were initially created both as Universal energy and as energy taking on a new form. How deep is our appreciation for our thoughts and feelings? How are they revered in your mind’s eye? I know that our thoughts and feelings deserve more acknowledgment and appreciation. This doesn’t mean live by thought and emotion, it means that these tools that we have within us are just that, tools.

Change your thought and the feeling will follow. This may not happen overnight but as we dedicate time to this, gradually progress is made. Let’s create an equation and a solution. The equation is Positive Thought x _ = Positive Emotion x _ = Solution. To create that shift in our energy we have to hold ourselves accountable for what we’re thinking. As an example, I’m taking a walk along a path at a nearby park. As I walk I focus my attention on my breath, breathing in and out. I think to myself I am present. I am here. Remembering to breathe. When the mind chatter starts I return to I am present, I am here. I focus my attention on my breath, breathing in and out. You can see that the mind chatter is not going to magically just go away, it's going to take me to work out the kinks in order to manifest that peaceful walk where I can leave my worries behind.

Look, you have something special inside of you. It's in each and every one of us. We have the ability to create magic in our lives. This may be seen as make-believe in some ways but also know that it's not just what you're asking for but it's how you're asking. How are your thoughts and feelings aligning with one another? If you're finding more hardship than happiness then it's time to put those thoughts in check and choose a different path. On an added note I find an intellectual conversation refreshing. If I come in contact with someone that does not see intellect as refreshing then this doesn’t mean I’m not in alignment with what I want but it is in some ways teaching me something important. Now that’s up to me to decide what to take from that situation but it is also a reminder to remember to stay on the path of positive thought. I want to be happy. I seek happiness. I want to have positive experiences. I want to create magic and know that fairytales are real if I really want them to be. Now ask yourself if you're ready to write your own story. Namaste friends~

The Magic of Wisteria

Wisteria's Healing Arts

Written by

Nicole Angeli Corso

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