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Kiss in the Rain

Kiss in the Rain

Early one morning a woman named Mira woke to sounds of thunder and rain. She laid there in her bed and just listened. The sounds felt therapeutic. She had been through quite a bit over the last several years. With continued optimism, she always seemed to find a positive thought in hopes for brighter days ahead. As the rain came pouring down she thought to herself that it's here cleansing all of the negativity and that she was opening herself up to new beginnings. Life is a miracle and she treated every day just as such.

Mira got up from her bed, her bare feet pressed against the cold hardwood floor. She proceeded to make her coffee with a touch of french vanilla creamer. She rarely indulged herself in sweets so this was her sweet retreat from her day-to-day routine. As she sat having her coffee she felt inspired to write. Mira loved romance and love stories, so she transferred her most intimate daydreams onto paper in the form of a story. With these stories, she created magic in her own life.

There were horse stables in this little town not far from Mira’s home. She would arrive every morning just before sunrise. She walked through the stables and said hello to all the horses, especially Guss. She had a special bond with him. Horses somehow just know exactly how you're feeling. She proceeded to let out each horse. Some casually walked out while others darted out leaving the dust behind them. She cleaned each stable and filled the buckets with fresh water and hay. She then walked out onto the ranch behind the wood fence. She stood there watching the sunrise taking in all of its warmth. She felt that warmth permeate throughout her whole body. She continued on with her daily responsibilities there at the ranch and then proceeded home.

The next day she woke to the birds chirping outside of her bedroom window. As she laid there she felt butterflies in her stomach. She felt there's something special about today. There's magic in the air. She got up from her bed, her bare feet pressed against the cold hardwood floor. Like usual she had her coffee and she was off to the ranch. She gets there and greets all the horses. She walks over to Guss and presses her face to his with such love. She continues on with letting the horses out and then taking care of the stables. She had a lot of work to do there that day as they were planning for the upcoming hayrides.

That evening as she stood by the fence a gentleman walks up to her and says what a beautiful sunset. Mira introduced herself and he in return. His eyes were as blue as the sky. She felt something in that moment that permeated her very soul. The sunset, the colors that surrounded her that Fall day, the encounter with a cowboy that somehow just showed up at exactly the right time. Before parting he asked her if she needed a hand around the ranch, so she told him she arrives every morning right before sunrise. If he’d like to lend a hand that would be a great time to start. They then parted ways with a smile.

The gentleman stopped by every morning before sunrise to help tend to the horses. They spoke briefly about how good it feels to be outside working with these beautiful horses, the sunrise, and the pleasure of each other's company. After the stables were, cared for they both walked out to the wood fence to watch the sunrise. He asked her how she got started there at the ranch. She explained she felt she was missing something in life. She had been married but he was never around in the sense of companionship. She felt lonely and wanted to do something that would warm her heart and that would fulfill her in some way. She explained that when she came to the stables Guss had just been rescued from a ranch that was severely neglected. He wasn’t very social as he needed healing himself. When she approached Guss she felt they needed each other so she offered to volunteer and the owners agreed. Throughout the time she had been there a lot had changed in her life. She explained that when she stood there by the wood fence after tending to the stables, she felt a warmth permeate within her and this fulfilled her. They parted ways and continued on with what was left of the day.

Mira woke the next morning to the sound of the rain. She laid there and just listened. She got out of bed, her bare feet pressed against the cold hardwood floor. She had her coffee with a touch of french vanilla creamer. She then hurried to the stables as the rain was currently at a standstill. The gentleman arrives shortly afterward. The horses were out and grazing. After all, was tended to they walked out to the wood fence to watch the sunrise. Mira asked the gentleman what initially brought him to the stables. He explained that his grandparents had passed away. They had horses but were unable to care for them in their old age. After they passed the horses were then rescued by different stable owners. He knew of one that was there at the ranch so he would drive by occasionally to see him. He explained that he was also in need of healing. He exclaimed that when he saw her, her brown eyes somehow filled him with hope and comfort. So there he was visiting with Guss a horse he knew well and that he found hope in a young woman’s eyes that somehow turned his sadness into happiness. Mira stood there in awe, and deep appreciation for the healing they both had obtained from being there with the horses. As they were getting ready to part to continue on with their days it began to rain. Instead of running to their cars they just looked into each other's eyes, smiled, and laughed. The gentleman moves in closer, Mira closes her eyes as their lips pressed against each others, the warmth permeating their very souls. A kiss in the rain.

The Magic of Wisteria

Wisteria's Healing Arts

Written by Nicole Angeli Corso

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