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Emotion #2

Emotion expanded

So I had a good friend come to me after reading Emotion. She was in a situation where she had to decide how to handle a few neighbors. She wanted to know how to handle the situation without it causing harm to herself.

I did a reading for her and protection came up in different forms both through Archangel Michael and through a white dove. Now my point this morning is to clarify something. Although I aim to empathize with one, to have compassion for one, and to give the benefit of the doubt to another, it's far more complex as my safety is a top priority.

The thing about emotion in humans is that we’ve adapted ways to disguise or hide our emotions. So in all circumstances, especially with people you are not familiar with, you must learn how to read body language and other characteristics to determine the best way to proceed in a situation.

Outside of Wisterias, I work with animals. I have to be able to read their body language both for their well-being and my own. Something beautiful that we mammals share in common is emotion. Animals are full of emotion and they are also very reactionary. In some circumstances, if a dog were to bite me, the type of bite would determine what emotion brought that on. For example, a nip could be I don't like that or I need space. Whereas if the bite were full-on with aggression and full force that would be something far more internalized. Now none of us want to be bitten so we treat all interactions in a similar way.

As previously expressed in the blog emotion, emotion is not viewed as bad or good. It is a tool for us to use to understand what lies beneath the surface. What do we use tools for? Simply to fix things. But am I going to view someone as broken? Of course not. We are viewed as a whole first and most importantly and when things are damaged we work towards fixing those problems that occur.

Things to consider are Safety, Learning to Read Emotions and Expressions, Educating Yourself on How to Protect Yourself, and Learning the Best Approach. Now, why is this important? It’s very simple, we want to do good for others and ourselves. If I were to act only in a dominant nature this would cause fear and other emotions that would not serve both parties. If I act in accordance with what is needed at that moment quite possibly I can better serve the higher good in a situation. Is dominance ever needed? Of course it is, however, this only serves when one has no willpower to move forward or living so bi-carelessly that the results are creating harm to themselves or others.

I have personally learned that when approaching others with this emotional intelligence and theoretical spiritual application that I have happier healthier relationships with others. I am also able to avoid or walk away from a situation without confrontation. This is not always so as I to have some things that exist underneath the emotions that are sometimes expressed. But it is up to me to evaluate these occurrences to truly understand myself.

Now this being shared may not mean anything to some but for those that share this deeply empathetic way of being it is so important to have the right tools within our grasp. Having the right techniques will help in situations. My friend per se was having problems with her neighbors. She is observing the situation and the individuals involved. She is proceeding with caution because some are more reactionary than others. Reactions can stem from something more than the situation at hand. There could be other things existing beneath the surface so the approach is through emotion.

With this knowledge, she has a choice to make decisions based on the information available. She can proceed with caution and with peace. This can result in a happier less confrontational situation where everyone benefits in the end. Now you may not agree with the principles I live by and teach therefore you are free to adopt other's methods, and I support you in this. However with self-awareness, being aware of others, and understanding emotions in depth we are serving a path of love and light. I am here to do just that. Namaste friends

The Magic of Wisteria

Wisteria's Healing Arts

Written by

Nicole Angeli Corso

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