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At some point in our lives, we experience what it's like to please others. As a wife, mother, pet owner, friend, employer, and employee. I have naturally spent much of my time pleasing others. Before I go any further I want to make it clear that pleasing others was and has been a beautiful experience. But as with most things, there is the other side that can create discord. We must find balance in life to be healthy and this is a part of our emotional wellbeing.

We are very similar as we all think, feel, and behave in accordance with our upbringing and environment. At times I've felt animosity towards another because I was treated in a way that made me feel less worthy. This emotion did not feel good to me. What was happening was not good for my emotional well-being. Though I have tried to put myself in another’s shoes many times throughout my life, this time was different. I wanted to try empathy in a different light. In a way that wouldn’t drain my energy but would still enable me to put myself in another’s shoes to make peace with myself and that individual. Now in a way that may appear that I’m still giving of myself still pleasing another but in truth, it is neither pleasing nor receiving. Coming to this truth confirmed something that would ultimately change my life forever. Love, caring for one another, and emotional well-being would become the path I was destined for.

Have you ever been told you were too nice, sensitive, or overly emotional? Now let’s not point fingers or put blame on another, or even say who’s right and who’s wrong. But as you can probably see this in itself creates a defense, barriers, and a lack of understanding. To move past the naysayer's laden terms, I had to upheave emotion. So I made emotional intelligence a part of my vocabulary and my life. My body was creating a response to emotion and it wasn’t a good response. The response was repressing the emotion. But this would not hold for long as my bigger purpose during this life was to shine a light on emotion.

The thing about emotional intelligence is that it's not prejudiced. It doesn’t represent fat or thin, black or white, gay or straight, or any other opposing classifications. Emotional intelligence is the act of being aware of, feeling, acknowledging, and empathizing with one. Emotion is not limited to stress and hysteria but in fact, it is present in all movements. When we feel an emotion it moves through us through a smile, frown, tears, and many other forms. No matter what we all embody that in which we are feeling. If we look at what’s being presented in the past and even in today’s age we see that emotion is being taught to be repressed. How could this be if this in fact is a natural part of our very being and in fact is a part of all living beings.

With our everyday tasks and responsibilities, our brains are overloaded and our emotions are being repressed. Emotion is without a doubt just as important as all other living faculties. The truth is there is an awareness in our everyday lives that teaches us the true meaning of life. Life is not neutral and mechanical, it is far more superior than that. With emotion, we can go further into ourselves and others to advance our understanding. With understanding, we improve the way we live amongst many other aspects that I shall expand on in a future blog.

Learning and teaching go hand in hand. Emotions are learned and go far more in-depth than our vague categorization of them. When we are able to feel something in a natural nonjudgmental way we can use this as a tool to expand our understanding and our experience with the world outside of ourselves. Know that you are far more complex than you may currently feel and that it's not your fault that this environment that we’ve been conditioned to have manipulated our unconscious to hide, repress, or disguise how we may truly feel. What I am hoping you gain from this is like much of my past writing and that is to find time to be present to be aware and to work through all and any limitations that may be holding you back from attaining something that truly means something to you. Always in hopes that what I share will accomplish positive results for the greater good. Remembering that when we share our stories with one another we share knowledge and healing that someone else could benefit from in their time of need. As always with love Namaste friends

The Magic of Wisteria

Wisteria's Healing Arts

Written by,

Nicole Angeli Corso

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