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Now we all may ask ourselves why we still have moments of doubts, fears, sadness, and uncertainty when we have invested so much time in meditation and other forms of healing. What we really should be asking ourselves is how much time have we truly invested in acknowledging and building a relationship with our Soul? After all, isn't this the most beautiful part of our whole body??? Now let’s take some time to get to know our Soul.

  1. Meditate differently. Instead of trying to quiet your mind, just sit in a quiet place and just be with yourself. If any mind chatter comes in, then find gratitude in the most positive way possible. Be love unconditional. “Soul I acknowledge you, thank you for being and existing within. I love you and this love is eternal”.

  2. The Soul is fueled by gratitude. We have to remember to revisit gratitude again and again. When we come into a place that creates resistance, remember to remember. Be open to change or things not going as planned not because things are wrong but because there is a higher purpose. This is beautiful!

  3. Nourish the body as it is the Soul's temporary home. Think about what the body needs to thrive and in doing this you're left with a choice to serve or to be served. Really think about it? Serve your Soul with a body that is truly cared for and nourished.

  4. Dance, move, and interact with your beautiful body. Toes? Fingers? Arms? Legs? Exercise doesn’t have to be hard. Maybe it’s viewed as work and this sometimes deters us from honoring our bodies with movement. I’m coming to a place where looking at different aspects of myself creates a broader perspective that makes these everyday tasks not tasks at all.

  5. Taking time to be with Soul. Yes, I will still get on my knees to pray but I know that I can also find time to rest. In resting I am taking time out to honor Soul We spend most of our time taking care of our Soul partner, Soul children, and Soul animals. Let’s rest together and just simply be.

Within us and within all things there is Soul. We have been gifted with so many opportunities to connect with all aspects of ourselves and with this beautiful omnipresent energy. Can you see beyond the veil now? We are Soul. When we love ourselves in a healthy way we are in service to All. Our Soul brings us together and keeps us connected. So just a recap, why are we still having moments like stated before? Just maybe this can help us all on this journey home.

Wisteria’s Healing Arts

Written by NIcole Angeli Corso

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