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Lunar Yoga @ Mood:Yoga Studio

Moon Cycle inspired Yin & Restorative Postures & Meditation Saturdays

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 16.00
  • Mood:Yoga Studio 906 Elmgrove Rd Suite 6, Rochester, NY 14624

Service Description

Lunar Yoga Yin/Restorative & Meditation Saturdays 7:20 PM Sign up @ @ Mood: Yoga Studio 906 Elmgrove Rd Suite 6 Rochester, NY 14624 Have you always wanted to explore the natural cycles of the moon? Have you ever wondered how the moon's energy affects the earth, ocean, and other life forms including ourselves? Everything in nature is a cycle for example the seasons. What we're going to learn about is the lunar cycle. At each point of the lunar cycle, we feel a natural change in our energy either up or down or either turning inwards or outwards. Rather than ignoring that energy cycle, we are going to tap into it to help us discover the natural shifts within ourselves and the things around us. Just like when we set our intentions around the start of the new year, we will use the lunar cycles to set smaller, more achievable goals. As we move through our yoga practice, we will focus on the current moon energy and discover ways to enhance our lives and well-being through these changes. A little bit more about Nicole Angeli's Yoga Classes She gently guides us to deepen our own practice through yoga and the cycles of the moon. She inspires us to go deep within ourselves to listen to what our bodies are telling us. She inspires us to truly honor our spirit and our bodies in the most beautiful ways. Her gentle and uplifting flow of asanas, breathwork, and meditation encourage a mind and body balance. This balance in the body is vital to prevent illnesses and disease. This balance inspires the inner-workings that are a must for healing past wounds caused by disease or traumas.  Nicole Angeli's gentle yoga practice is very effective for those that are recovering from, or living with illnesses. Nicole Angeli's main focus is to help us realize our own potential. She helps us to find clarity so that we better understand our bodies and the intuitive knowledge that is available to us to help us heal. The idea is to set time aside for quiet inner reflection. This gives us the opportunity to step away from our busy lives to invest in healing and to connect with the deeper knowledge that exists within us.  Nicole Angeli shares gentle yoga, breathwork, guided meditation, and spiritual mentoring. These healing therapies are suitable for all levels. Blessed it be to the one who takes time out to meditate, deepen their practice, and honor their true self.

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1109 Pilgrim Pass, Victor, NY 14564 1109 Pilgrim Pass, Victor, NY, USA

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