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Energy Is

Energy Is

This energy teaches me who I am, what's good for me, and what it is that I really want. Now, this energy is always with me. It teaches me to love, listen, and feel.

When something is right or wrong it's not about someone else it is within me. If I choose to not tolerate certain acts it's because I’m choosing what's ultimately more important to me. Whatever it is that I seek in life, I have to first find it within myself. We don't learn from seeking what we want from others. We take the knowledge gained from an experience to help us understand this truth within ourselves. There comes a time where we have to choose what’s right for us. It is not about what others think because ultimately it is up to you. You know if there's something you shouldn't tolerate and truthfully you shouldn’t have to tolerate.

In order to get where you want to be in life, you need to be aware of what it is that you want and what it is that you don't. Now if you find yourself in a place where this energy suffers and the experience is toxic what is your energy saying now. It is saying I value well-being I value respect I value appreciation I value love and I value kindness. Within this energy, I’m creating all of those things because I know what I want and what I don't want. All of this that I want and seek to exist within me and within this energy.

See life is full of choices. Imagine if you lived a life where it mattered what others thought of you. Where their judgments and opinions affected your life choices. What then happens to this energy…. The energy of you…. You become disconnected from who you really are. How are you ever going to find happiness and joy in serving others only? In order to achieve a better relationship within this energy, you have to move forward through each moment each emotion each day in search of a higher understanding and most importantly a better relationship with yourself.

What am I doing right now? I’m tapping in, I’m listening, and I’m feeling what type of experiences I want out of my life. If I want to feel healthier, happier, more relaxed, joyful, and more energized I have to first find the answers the solution to the formula within myself. The answer exists within the problem. Inside this energy, there is an answer.

Imagine walking into this energy. It is completely dark. Your standing in this darkness. Will you stand there not moving, doing nothing, or will you figure out a way to find the answer find the solution, and proceed forward with unwavering faith. You leave the darkness with that answer with that solution. What then? Do you hide it away in your pocket for when all else fails or do you move forward with it opening yourself up to something more?

Just know every time you are having an experience you are developing a better relationship with this energy within yourself. This energy that surrounds us, that penetrates our very being there’s something really special about it. As with recognizing what is that you want and that you don't want you have to make a choice. Now, how powerful are you? What do you want? Really…. Truly what do you want? I want to be so fkin passionate about what I want out of my life…. I want to be so fkin passionate about what I’m feeling… what I’m creating… and as I proceed with all of this knowledge and this relationship I have within this energy I can accomplish anything! I think that sometimes in life we just have to make a choice. We then fuel this choice till it's engulfed by flames….. I fkin love love love love love love this energy…. I love what it teaches me! I love how it guides me to a deeper understanding of life and of myself….. This energy teaches me who I am, what’s good for me, and what it is that I really want. Now, this energy is always with me. It teaches me to love, to listen, and to feel. Energy Is.

The Magic of Wisteria

Wisterias Healing Arts

Written by Nicole Angeli Corso

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